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A Match Made in Red River: Alison+Michael's Story

If I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times... Red River is magic. I had no idea when I came here 9 years ago that this little town would literally change my life, but I'll be damned if it didn't do just that. I imagine it was the same for Alison and Michael. Alison was here on a girl's trip last August when she and her friends decided to go dancing at the Motherlode. Later that night, in that very bar, she would meet the love of her life.

Months later when Alison and I first spoke on the phone, she shared their sweet story, and we agreed that the Motherlode would be the perfect location for their First Look. Of course, Mother Nature had other plans as she often does. It actually snowed 14 inches last week, but we were determined to make her wish come true. Thankfully Karen Kelly (KWK Events) worked her magic with the Weather Gods and the skies parted in the knick of time.

On the way to meet Michael that day, Alison told me that they had both been married before. I watched as she smiled to herself in my back seat. She said, "It never felt quite right before...and now I know why."

Life is so funny with its twists and turns, but as I always tell my clients, it's in the unexpected moments that the magic happens. That couldn't be more true for Michael and Alison.

As always... I wish you 100 years.

Love, M

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