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Authentic Moments... Lindsey+Brandon are Engaged!

Oh how I love proposals! It used to be that people would hire a photographer to capture their engagement photos. Something to treasure and send out to family members on beautifully designed Save the Date cards. Nowadays grooms to be are taking it one step further and actually inviting their photographer into the momentous occasion that is the proposal with them. Well sort of with them...Technically, I begin these sessions hidden in trees or bushes. Nonetheless, I'm there. I'm invited into these intimate moments with two people, one of whom has no idea what is about to happen, and the other whose entire existence is balancing on the answer to a very important question that is about to be asked. I'll be honest. I usually get goosebumps from the anticipation of it all.

This summer I have been hired to capture three of these life changing moments, two of them immediately followed by surprise engagement photo sessions. My last proposal/engagement was carefully planned by a groom to be who was visiting Red River for the very first time. In his grand plan, Brandon intended to ride the Scenic Chair Lift at Red River Ski & Summer Area with his girlfriend Lindsey, only to be met at the tip by their friends who would walk them to a special spot...and then it begins. The question is asked. The answer is YES! and everyone in sight begins overflowing with love.

What I love most about sessions like these is the authenticity in every moment captured. I love the look on her face...the tears...the relief when he hears her answer Yes...the outpouring of questions... how long have you been planning this? Who knew? Did you tell my parents? The list goes on. The love and emotion are so pure in that moment and the ones that follow. Those moments can't be faked. They can't be replicated or replaced. It is an incredible honor for me to be chosen to capture these occasions in the life of my clients. Congratulations Lindsey & Brandon! I wish you a hundred years!

Red River, NM Engagement Session

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