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Love Makes a Family: Layton's Story

Layton Anthony was born on May 25, 2018 to a loving family, but his story began long before then...

Tracy contacted me via email in late May inquiring about Newborn photos. Simple enough. I wrote back to her with all of the information she needed and hit send. A few moments later my phone rang. It was Tracy. She said, "I think I should explain." This would be a birth story of a different kind. You see, Tracy and her husband Ross would be traveling from their farm in Kansas to northern New Mexico to witness the birth of a baby boy, one they hoped to soon call their own through adoption. Upon hanging up the phone, I instantly knew two things; that I would wholeheartedly accept this project and that it would change me for the better.

In the days and weeks that followed, I learned a lot about Tracy and Ross, the long winding road that led them here, and the ins and outs of what is known as "open adoption." Their son would know his birth mother, his birth family, his story, from the beginning... and I would be charged with capturing a piece of that for him.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have been chosen to capture these moments that were both precious and deeply personal. I have tremendous respect, not only for Layton's birth mother and her noble and selfless decision to give her child the very best life, but for the support system that surrounds her on all sides, and even more the willingness of both families to fearlessly embrace one another with such openness and love.

Layton, I can only hope that when you are old enough to understand, you will look at these photographs and know this:

You are loved.

You are loved in the most incredible way.

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