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What to Wear

With fall family sessions right around the corner, I've been getting lots of calls and texts from clients asking, "what should we wear for our session??"

In the past, my go-to advice has always been to focus on coordinating outfits rather than matching and suggested that sticking with solids worked best, but just like the seasons, times they are a changing.

Being the visual learner that I am, I thought it might be helpful if I gave my upcoming bookings an example to work with. I recently shot a family session in Angel Fire with a larger group who absolutely nailed it.

The neutral earth tones they chose, mixed with bold pops of color, textures, and even a few subtle patterns really worked here. In this case, we shot in buttery, Golden Hour light and the results were stunning.

Now, that's not to say that I would suggest copying this look exactly. Above all else, I want you to BE YOURSELF. So instead try to examine the balance of elements in their wardrobe and then add your own style to create a look that works for your family.

My goal in every session is to capture the true nature of the people in the frame and the love they share. Those connections are unique and cannot be replicated. While the clothing you are wearing during your session will not make or break the photographs that we create together, feeling comfortable and confident is paramount and will give you the time to focus on what really matters... one another.

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