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Welcome to the World

I met Patricia and Justin in 2014, when they were planning their Red River Wedding. On the way to my first meeting with them, I was nervous. First, I had my own infant in tow, and more importantly, I did not consider myself wedding photographer... at least not yet. The idea of shooting such a big day was a daunting task. But then I met them. From that moment on all of my fears fell away. They were so laid back, so natural. After shooting their special day, I had a new found confidence. I started saying yes more often when I was asked if I ever shot weddings. So you can imagine how special it was when they called and asked if I would come to Taos and take some Newborn photos of their beautiful baby girl. My answer was a resounding YES! Once again, they were so laid back, so natural, and an absolute joy to work with. Thank you so much for choosing me to take part in your journey.

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