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Real Talk

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Okay folks, it's time for some Real Talk. LTDP is turning six this May. I'm proud of where I am am today. While I feel absolutely fulfilled by my work most of the time, there are periods of self-doubt. The entrepreneur in me says that I should never say those words aloud. I am a Rhinoceros after all. I charge through the "jungle" that is this life, crushing my goals one by one. There are days I feel like there's nothing I can't do and I live for that energy. I LIVE for it. But... the Artist in me says something different. The Artist says I have to be totally open and vulnerable if I'm going to create something truly great. I can't say with my whole heart that I've done that.

Building a photography business is tricky because you have to have the audacity to believe that the unique way you see the world is significant and more than that... worth sharing.

When it comes to bringing out the best in my clients, I instinctively start sharing to set them at ease and it seems to come easily when I have them in front of me. But behind the scenes, while I'm sitting here trying to raise a decent human, edit photos, nurture my relationship, cook dinner, build a social media empire, answer emails, edit some more, and make sure everyone has clean underwear... not so much. I'll sit here staring at a blog or Instagram post for hours. Hours. I'll agonize over every single world, second guessing every step, and I'll still walk away feeling like something is missing. Truth be told, what's missing is me.

It's funny, really. I am always drawn to raw, real life images, the nitty gritty if you will, but for some reason I shy away from showing that side of me. You know what? It ends today. As my five year old and her pal Elsa would say, I have to "Let it Gooooo." The time has come to follow my own advice: Relax, take a deep breath, and love my people. That's where the magic happens anyway. Any client I have ever photographed has heard me say some variation of those words. Now it's my turn to follow suit. So there it is. From here on out, you'll be seeing Marisa-- the mom, the partner, the friend, the dreamer, the entrepreneur, the artist-- the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

Love Always


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May 29, 2019


I think your photos are awesome. I love looking at your work.

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